How to Relieve Symptoms of Hyperacidity: The Natural Way!

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Hyperacidity is the excessive secretion of acid in the stomach which may be due to tension, starvation, and other causes.

Relieve symptoms of hyperacidity with these herbal naturalizers:

Option 1:

What you need: Carrot and cabbage juice

How to prepare: Wash and slice in small pieces one big carrot and 1/4 kilo cabbage. Osterize the carrots and cabbage with 2 glasses of water. Strain and add 1 tablespoon sugar. Sugar is optional. Keep in refrigerator to cool. Prepare for one day’s supply only.

How to use: Drink one glass of the carrot and cabbage juice 30 minutes before meals, and when there is gastric pain.

Option 2:

What you need: Olive oil

How to use: Take one teaspoon 30 minutes before meals for severe symptoms.

Note: Do this only when there are symptoms. Olive oil may increase cholesterol blood level.


Important notes:

  • Use only one plant medicine at a time.
  • Follow instructions carefully, especially the measurements and the dosage.
  • Individuals known to be allergic to some plants are not encouraged to use herbal medications.
  • Results may vary per person.

*”Healing Wonders of Herbs” by Herminia de Guzman-Ladion

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